Awesome work makes happy clients.


I've tried several different exercise programs over the year. The one i've benefited from most is the PleasureTone™ Exercise Program. The most outstanding benefit was that my body began to feel good, to feel pleased and alive. It's a treat to do these exercises.

Margaret Blaine

Back pain was gone from my shoulders in a week due to these exercises. My rounded back is notably straightening. My arthritic symptoms are 95% gone. Andrea knows her stuff!


I originally came to the PleasureTone™ Program to relieve the pain in my lower back and shoulder. What I got was not only relief from pain; but also an enjoyable exercise program that relaxed, toned, and enlivened every muscle in my body.

Cynthia Gannon

These exercises are such a pleasure to do. I feel fluid, smooth, toned, graceful and regal. I experienced well being in just 10 minutes with this daily exercise program.

Pam Harding

I have no headaches or backaches anymore. My back is straight, even after demanding physical work.


I have learned new ways of thinking about body position, movement, and pain patterns. I would recommend the PleasureTone™ and Synergetics Touch™ program to anyone seeking help for neck and back pain.